Find out @ KLG’s latest exhibition, Artist as Curator: Talk to Me

July 6 – August 6, 2017: Kehler Liddell Gallery (KLG) presents its fourth annual invitational exhibition: Artist as Curator: Talk to Me. On Saturday, July 8th, as part of Westville’s monthly Second Saturday events, KLG will host a discussion with the artists @ 3pm, and an opening reception from 4pm-7pm.

Throughout history, artists have inspired, challenged, supported and learned from one another. These relationships can catapult an artist’s work forward, open new doors, or – at the very least – spark great conversation. For its fourth annual Artist as Curator, KLG artists look outside the collective and invite guest artists – artists who awe, inspire, or shake them up – to exhibit in the gallery. Alongside the work of each guest, the hosting KLG artist displays one of his/her own works, creating a series of visual conversations throughout the gallery. Written narratives – many conversational in style – will further illuminate the connection. A wide variety of media is represented, from photography and painting to installation and works on paper.

Participating artists include: Liz Antle-O’Donnell; Robert Bienstock; David Brown; Penrhyn Cook; Rod Cook; Terry Degradi; Geoffrey Detrani; Tom Edwards; Linda Edwards; Howard el-Yasin; Brian Flinn; Julie Fraenkel; Warda Geismar; Bob Giannotti; Sarah Gustafson; Joan Jacobson-Zamore; Michael Kozlowski; Linda Lindroth; Sven Martson; Roy Money; Hank Paper; Tom Peterson; Jackie Podlaski; Polly Shindler; Alan Shulik; Mark St. Mary; Michelle Thomas; Gar Waterman; R.F. Wilton; Marjorie Wolfe.