PERSONAL VISIONS: Tom Edwards and Joe Saccio

April 28 through Sunday, May 29

Opening Reception on Sunday, May 1 from 3:00 - 6:00pm


Tom Edwards’ work in this exhibit reflects the inspirations of death and transfiguration, as well as Piero Della Francesca’s Ideal City and related studies. His exploration of the art of drawing and the creation of spatial volumes expresses his experience, memory, and reconstruction of his surroundings. The spaces created in his work are based on observation and memory; they are not intended to represent any single moment in time but rather to assimilate multiple moments and observations into an experience of a place. Most of these works were developed over long periods of time, with many changes and shifts of direction. As Edwards explains, “I start with a specific idea about a place, but allow the drawing to participate in the development by constantly altering and balancing the two and three dimensional aspects. Often, I’ll remove or redraw large areas of a piece to create a completely new set of references.” The resulting surface is one of many layers that establishes the history and memory of the work. 


Joe Saccio’s featured image for the PERSONAL VISIONS exhibit is the 9-foot mixed media sculptured titled “Homage to Gabriel Garcia Marquez: A Tree Grows in Macondo, an elegy for one of his favorite authors. “The imagery of my sculpture arises from a passage in Marquez’ novel 100 Years of Solitude in which the fictive Columbian town of Macondo is visited by a plague of butterflies which covers the whole town and its magical people,” explains Saccio. “This sculpture is a visual version of the literary ‘magic realism’ which characterizes Marquez’ writing.” Other sculptures in the show evolved out of Saccio’s interest in the aesthetics of destruction evident in the arresting photographs in our newspapers depicting various military actions in the Middle East.

Saccio works in a variety of sizes and materials, ranging from installation size, for indoors or outdoors, to pedestal size and utilizing both natural and synthetic materials. The majority of his work uses natural materials, primarily wood, and found objects, joined together in a primitivistic manner, expressing personal feelings associated with myth and ritual, loss and rebirth. The often-brutal form and meaning of these solemn works are in contrast to the highly colored, brash and ironically humorous style of those pieces constructed of synthetic materials. He leads the viewer through the transformative process, producing forms which are abstract but usually biomorphic.

Still Life Triptych by Tom Edwards

Sculpture, homage to Marquez,  by Joe Saccio

Upcoming Exhibit

Marjorie Gillette Wolfe
Mark St. Mary

Home Away From Home
Home, Not Home

June 2 - July 3
Opening Reception: Saturday June 11, 4 - 7 pm


A New Haven native, Wolfe’s photography often centers on structures, landscape, organic processes, and the environments in which they occur. Her new work in Home Away, Home explores what happens to campers and trailers when they are not traveling, but at home. “What is a trailer when it’s not?” she asks. “Repurposed or purposeless, celebrated or languishing, protected or decaying, a symbol of status made public or camouflaged as a secret?” Come see for yourself in this collection of photographs that is amusing, yet with occasional notes of melancholy.


Partnered with Wolfe’s show is St. Mary’s exhibit of photographs Home, Not Home, which asks similar questions about our perception of everyday objects. “Something seen on travel, on vacation, often seems more interesting than a similar subject at home,” St. Mary poses as introduction to this collection of images. “Colors seem brighter, architecture more interesting and rich. But are things really that much more than when seen near home or is it merely a matter of perspective?” Home, Not Home is a series of paired images exploring what occurs when we awaken to the familiar, seeing home with the same fresh eyes we have when traveling.


St. Mary’s photographs are primarily taken in urban settings, usually somewhat off the main streets, and are often a visual representation of his emotional connection to the locations. He is drawn to patterns, textures, and juxtaposition of colors on structural surfaces that have come about through the additive or subtractive effects of nature and man. The weathered patina of a block wall, the scar of skateboard impacts on a utility box, the attempted remediation of graffiti; all becoming something different when removed from context through the composition of the image. He tries to create abstract pieces that are emotionally evocative, where the subject acquires a grace unavailable in context and thus becomes irrelevant. He names the pieces in such a way as to not stand between the viewer and the work, allowing the viewer’s fantasy to shape his or her experience of the artwork.

Marjorie Gillette Wolfe

Marjorie Gillette Wolfe

Mark St Mary

Mark St Mary


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