Permutations, by Brian Flinn

Static, by Mark St. Mary

September 12 – October 13, 2019, Opening Reception: Saturday, September 14, 3-6pm, with Artist Talks at 5pm

Highlighting the futile quest of humankind to create permanence, Mark St. Mary reminds us that “objects, no matter how massive or solid, will deteriorate” over time. Unless, of course, “man takes on the Sisyphean task of trying to preserve them.” Interested not in what objects were, but rather, what they have become, St. Mary becomes a kind of preservationist. In this collection of abstract photographic images titled Static, St. Mary captures the “beauty of deterioration,” preserving a moment in time during the evolution of found objects.

Simultaneously, Brian Flinn plays with found objects and images and notions of order and disorder in his collection of mixed-media artworks titled, Permutations. Of the digital works and drawings, Flinn states: “They serve as reminders of the ease with which we can be overwhelmed or paralyzed by minutiae, but that we have the choice to embrace alternatives. Like any collection of elements in the universe, we are the arranged and the arrangers, the permutations of events and experiences that provide us a rich and complex life.”

Brian Flinn is an artist whose current work uses both digital and mixed media. He earned his BFA in Illustration in 1990 from the University of Bridgeport and his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in 1993. In November 2018 an exhibition of his recent work was held at Partium Christian University in Romania titled “Loss: Form, Texture and Symbolism.” He has shown in galleries throughout the U.S. including: The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Verum Ultimum in Portland, OR and Gallery 66 in NY. His work has been shown widely in Connecticut at a range of venues including: The New Britain Museum of American Art, CT Academy of Fine Arts, the University of Bridgeport and Central Connecticut State University where he works as Associate Professor of Art teaching digital art, painting and art education.

Mark St. Mary is a mostly self-taught artist, he draws largely from a former career in landscape design. St. Mary earned a BS in Floriculture at Texas A & M University and a MS in Biology at Bowling Green State University. His work has been exhibited at many galleries in the region including: Hygienic Art Gallery (New London, CT), Agora Gallery, (New York, NY), Westport Arts Center, (Wesport, CT), River Street Gallery, (New Haven, CT), Mill Gallery, (Guilford, CT) and Firehouse Art Gallery, (Milford, CT).

Dowsing for Water, by Kate Henderson

Lost in the Woods, by Roy Money

October 17 – November 17, 2019

Opening Reception: Sunday, October 20th, 4:30–6:30pm and Artist Talks: Saturday, November 9th at 5pm

In her most recent collection of multimedia artworks – Dowsing for Water – Kate Henderson dives into the symbolism of water. The artist notes the themes that run through these works – “finding the source, sacred waters, feminine energies, life force and healing” – all inspired by the element of water, explaining: “Water is a symbol of spiritual journeys, diving deep into the unconscious. It is the source of all life or it can take it all away … Water is our primal connection with Universal Wisdom.”

Simultaneously, Roy Money presents the results of a spiritual journey of his own with Lost in the Woods. The artist states: “Photography is a kind of meditation for me, in which I welcome what is before me in an awareness of our shared space and time. … Even inanimate objects like rocks have a life that is expressive of the elemental creativity of the cosmos.” Created during a recent artist residency at Weir Farm, Money’s images, he hopes, will “convey a sense of wholeness in what often seems like a fragmented world.”

Roy Money started photography with a film camera and received an MFA in photography from the University of Delaware. During a dormant photographic period, poetry and meditation served to sustain his connection with creative awareness. A trip to visit his son in China enriched his sensibilities of the natural world and he reclaimed his photographic practice with new inspiration and resolve. Roy's work has been exhibited in many solo and group shows and is held in private collections in the US and elsewhere.

Kate Henderson received her MFA in painting and printmaking from Yale University and a BFA in painting and a BA in art history at Indiana University. She is recognized for her pastels and is featured in Exhibeo Art Magazine. Her work has been shown at Creative Tech week NY, The Lumen Prize global tour, Degas Society in New Orleans, New Haven Lawn Club, NEST in Bridgeport CT, Ridgefield Camera Works, Franklin Street Works in Stamford CT, University of Bridgeport Schelfhaudt Gallery, Bridgeport CT, Creative Arts and Art Place in New Haven. Simultaneous to this exhibition, Henderson will be exhibiting another piece about water for this year’s CWOS Alternative Space, an Artspace commissioned installation, “Searching for the Fountain of Youth.”

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