September 6th – October 7th, 2018: Kehler Liddell Gallery (KLG) presents TAKING SIDES – Berlin and the Wall 1974, by photographer Sven Martson, and Canaries in a Blue Coal Mine, by sculptor Gar Waterman, opening with a reception on Sunday, September 9th, 3-6pm, with an artist talk @ 2pm.

In TAKING SIDES – Berlin and the Wall,1974, Sven Martson presents his photographs of the divided Berlin. The exhibit shares the title of his 2018 book, co-authored by John T. Hill and Claudia Roth. Through his photographs, Martson revisits moments of familiarity on opposite sides of the wall:

Sven Martson’s images … show clearly … the hopes, ­expectations, joie de vivre and worries shared by people on either side of the border were too great to be ­divided by a politically enforced wall … Martson himself experienced what it means to be displaced. In his images, he confronts us with both vivid intimacy and insurmountable segregation. (Claudia Roth, Vice President of the German Bundestag)

While Martson’s photographs explore the ramifications of our mistreatment of one another, Gar Waterman’s sculptures address our abuse of the ocean environment. Waterman’s sculpture is often infused with a visual foundation of marine imagery – the product of years of diving with his underwater filmmaker father. As biodiversity vanishes at an unprecedented rate, from both above and below the water line, Waterman believes that “art inspired by nature takes on a new kind of political urgency as the subject matter disappears in front of our eyes.” Waterman explains: “Canaries in a Blue Coal Mine represents what, I hope, is an informative dialogue between art, the marine creatures that inspire it, and what ocean acidification will mean for us all.”

Sven Martson was born in Germany and raised in the United States. He received his BA from Syracuse University in 1970. Subsequent studies led to an interest in documentary style photography. In 1972 he met Walker Evans and worked under his direction, making prints from Evans’ negatives. After Evans’ death, Martson continued to print for the Evans estate. An established editorial photographer, he serves a wide range of independent educational institutions throughout the United States. More information: www.svenmartson.com

Gar Waterman was born in Maine and grew up in Princeton, NJ, with a formative year in Tahiti, where his father documented their underwater adventure, exploring the barrier reefs of the South Pacific, in a National Geographic Special. After graduating Dartmouth, Waterman moved to Pietrasanta, Italy, where he lived for  seven years and learned to carve stone. His sculpture combines observation of natural phenomena, sensual devotion to the tactile possibilities of material, and a model maker's tinkering sensibility. In 1996, the artist acquired an abandoned warehouse for $1 from the City of New Haven and transformed it into West Rock Studio, where he has lived and worked for the last 22 years. More information: www.garwaterman.com