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Opening Reception

Kehler Liddell Gallery presents: Dowsing for Water, by Kate Henderson, and Lost in the Woods, by Roy Money, with an Opening Reception on Sunday, October 20th, 4:30–6:30pm, and Artist Talks on Saturday, November 9th at 5pm.

In her most recent collection of multimedia artworks – Dowsing for Water – Kate Henderson dives into the symbolism of water. The artist notes the themes that run through these works – “finding the source, sacred waters, feminine energies, life force and healing” – all inspired by the element of water, explaining: “Water is a symbol of spiritual journeys, diving deep into the unconscious. It is the source of all life or it can take it all away … Water is our primal connection with Universal Wisdom.”

Simultaneously, Roy Money presents the results of a spiritual journey of his own with Lost in the Woods. The artist states: “Photography is a kind of meditation for me, in which I welcome what is before me in an awareness of our shared space and time. … Even inanimate objects like rocks have a life that is expressive of the elemental creativity of the cosmos.” Created during a recent artist residency at Weir Farm, Money’s images, he hopes, will “convey a sense of wholeness in what often seems like a fragmented world.”