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History, Culture & Spirituality in Indigenous Dance

Patrick "Littlewolf" Brooks

Patrick "Littlewolf" Brooks

Please join us for an overview, presentation, and conversation on Native American (Indigenous) drumming, singing and dancing, and how these art forms have changed over time. 

"Drumming and dancing are two very integral aspects of indigenous culture and help preserve the history and teachings of Native American tribes. The drum is considered the heartbeat of the people, the pulse by which we all live. The dances that are passed down from generation to generation keep our traditions and history alive and thriving. Through dancing and drumming our children learn how to spiritually connect with their ancestors and find internal peace, meaningful meditation and focus." - Laura Fuller-Weston, a native of the Seminole tribe

All ages welcome. 

ABOUT Patrick Littlewolf Brooks: A Tuscarora native and father of two daughters, Patrick was born in Baltimore, Maryland and is a highly decorated U.S. Army veteran having served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Patrick has a passion for educating the public about Native culture that has taken him to numerous venues to conduct educational programs to people of all ages to share the history and culture of indigenous people.  Patrick is a Northern Traditional dancer who’s traveled to pow wows all over the U. S. and continues to compete.  Currently residing in the Poconos in Pennsylvania, he has served as a head dancer and arena director at several Native gatherings in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.  An accomplished craftsman, Patrick is also designs and builds Native-made jewelry, feather boxes, and regalia items for dancers.  Patrick prides himself as a traditionalist and lives his life as such honoring his people and his ancestors.  He often refers to himself as an ‘Indigenous American’ not Native American, saying that “Saying you’re Native American just means you were born in America and therefore Native to this country.  Indigenous means your ancestors were here”.

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ABOUT Emelie Jeffries: RavensWing Productions founder, Emelie Jeffries, is a Women’s Traditional dancer of Occaneechi-Saponi descent has been serving the Native community both as an activist and educator for several years. She has been an outspoken voice on behalf of the community on such issues such as treaty rights, cultural appropriation, environmental issues and missing and murdered indigenous women. She has also served as emcee for pow wows in the surrounding NY/NJ area…Nimham Mountain, Pow Wow On The Hudson and Paumanauke Native American Festival in Long Island. She has also served as head lady dancer at several pow wows as well. She currently hosts ‘Voices of Our People’ on Two Worlds Indigenous Radio on WMNF 88.5—a community radio station in Tampa, Florida. The show is syndicated to stations on reservations in Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, South Dakota and Canada and the Northern Territories as well as many ABC affiliates. She has also served as Cultural Director for the Redhawk Native American Arts Council and is a member of Amerinda, a Native American arts collective in New York. Emelie is founder and Executive Producer of her own projects under Mortonkid Productions.

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ABOUT RavensWing Productions: Our company dancers have competed in some of the most prestigious pow wow competitions in the U.S. and Canada. Our dancers have danced for Queen Elizabeth II on her visit to the U.S. in 2007 during the Anniversary of the Jamestown Settlement, Nelson Mandela during his visit to London in 2008, and at the presidential inaugural balls for the previous 3 administrations. Together we continue to do educational programs for schools, libraries, colleges, military bases and cultural festivals all over the world sharing our culture, educating the public and bringing awareness about who we are as a culture and a people.

This program is sponsored by ArtEcon Initiative and made possible with support from the City of New Haven Mayor's Community Arts Grants Program, The NewAlliance Foundation, and the Department of Economic and Community Development, CT Office of the Arts, which also receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.